How to get on The Apprentice

How much do you really want it?

Do you *really* want to become a candidate on The Apprentice?

Got an interview and you're trying to prepare yourself as much as possible?

"Everything You Need To Know To Fill In The Application Forms And Sail Through The Audition And Interview Process And Become A Potential Candidate On The Apprentice"


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Hi Apprentice fans, business lovers and entrepreneurs,

Are you saying ‘I could do well on The Apprentice’, ‘I’m sure I could win that show’, ‘I really want to work for Lord Alan Sugar’, 'I've got an interview and I need to prepare myself as much as possible?', 'The past candidates have been useless' or ‘I want all the opportunities being on a show like that would give me’? 

Then I have the advice you need to help you get through the application, interview and audition stages. 

I’ve been there! My name's Miriam Staley, and I was a candidate on the very first UK series of The Apprentice.

I was achieving relative success in the business world, but knew that there was more that I could aspire to.

I was hungry for an opportunity to propel my career to the next level, and watched the first series of the Apprentice in the USA, knowing that I could do well in those tasks.

When I saw the UK version advertised on the BBC website, I knew that this was something I needed to grab with both hands. My husband and my friends encouraged me to apply, and believed that I could do well on the show...

So I filled in the application forms, went to the interviews and got through to the final 14 on the first season… And I will tell you exactly how I did it!

Are you wondering what sort of answers on your application form will help you get through to the auditions?

Are you asking yourself what you need to do to get noticed at the interview stages?

Are you curious about the format the interview will take, and the questions you'll be asked?

I have all those answers for you!

I will:


  • Tell you my story, step-by-step, from hearing about the show to my selection as one of the original 14 candidates

  • Highlight the crucial lessons from my experience which you can learn from

  • Share details of private conversations with the producers who undertook the selection process

  • List some of the questions you are sure to be asked during your interview

  • Reveal exactly how the auditions were undertaken

You only have *one chance* to make the right impression.


This is the experience of a life time! One that I found exhilarating, challenging, motivating and that propelled me to where I am today: managing complex corporate projects, speaking at national events as a business and personal development expert, and enjoying an undisputed platform to launch my own businesses.

If this sounds appealing, and is something that you passionately want, then this is the only place you will find the insights and advice which will help you turn that into a reality.

Remember that THOUSANDS of people apply to be on the show, and if you want it badly enough, you need to do what it takes to give you the edge that will help you make the cut. Don't believe me? Then hear it from someone else who used this information to progress through last year's audition stages:

"Hi Miriam hope you are well, thank you for the opportunity to download your e-book, i found it extremely useful. I had my first round auditions last week. Today i got a phone call from the team and they have invited me for the 2nd round in London. I'm over the moon!
I am now preparing for the second part and will utilise your notes! It seems promising so far and even though i haven't had my second audition I'm really excited. Once again thanks for your help." J.K, Birmingham

I have written an exclusive ebook, available for instant download, which sets out the process in detail, and gives you the most inside information and knowledge you will find *ANYWHERE* to prepare you for this huge opportunity.

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With the help of this ebook you will:


  • Be one step ahead when it comes to filling in your application form in the most compelling way

  • Understand exactly what you can do to prepare in advance for the interviews

  • Gain real-life insight into the way the candidates for The Apprentice are selected

  • Feel ready to articulate your motivation and reasons for applying for the show


I have discussed with producers why I and other contestants were chosen and again why other stand-out candidates at the auditions were not picked.

I have gained insight from discussions with other successful candidates and Nick and Margaret.

And all importantly having had face-to-face contact with Sir Alan Sugar I have a good enough idea of what he is looking for and what he likes/dislikes in potential candidates.

I bought 2 plane tickets from the Caribbean, where I was living, to London, to be there for the interviews. I saw it as an investment in my future. 

And it paid off! 

*How much are you willing to invest in your future?*

The starting, special offer price for this ebook was $27.97, and I am further discounting it to ONLY $12.87, as a special sale price! Don't hesitate, make the most of this great offer and especially all the advice and information I have made available for you. 

You don't want to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime because you didn't do everything you could to fully prepare yourself.

The first and most important lesson I learnt is that you won't even stand a chance if you don't TAKE ACTION. What could your future look like if you take some action today?

'How to get on the Apprentice' ebook

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The very best of luck with your application, and all your future business ventures.

Warm regards,


Miriam Staley Apprentice

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